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Welcome Students! This site will contain important course information and reference material. Please visit it frequently.

About Mr. Kennedy

Hi. I am a teacher of pure and applied mathematics. Teaching is both personally satisfying and professionally gratifying to me. I cannot seriously imagine being anything else.

I have been teaching calculus at the high school level for eleven years, but I have also lectured calculus at university. Additionally, I have served as an AP Reader for AP Calculus AB & BC exams and understand well how to best prepare students for these challengingly exams.

Hopefully, this site is self-explanatory. Each menu, except one, has a description of its contents and current organization. The ‘Search’ field will search the entire site including tags.

The platform for generating this site is WordPress.

Most of the mathematical notation in this site is rendered using MathJax.

The interactive information is generated using Mathematica and can be viewed using Wolfram’s Free CDF Player.


It is inevitable that there will be errors in this site. Hopefully, the majority of errors will be typographical in nature. However, I am sure from time to time I will make a serious mathematical error. I am not troubled by this for two reasons. First, my readers will correct me. Second, Neils Bohr once said, “An expert is someone who has made every possible mistake in a very narrow field.” I think of each of my mistakes, and the mistakes of others, as one mistake closer to being an expert.